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it's a manhole cover ↓
Okay so I'm verrrry impatient :D. Don't mean to step on toes....

I took a shot (pun intended :eek:hmy:)..... Picture 927.png. And one with a little more "action" Picture 933.png.

Lay it out flat and bend.
1) Started with one half-capsule rotated. Made a copy. Picture 929.png
2) Bridged between the two.... Picture 930.png
3) ... in order to get this "unit". Picture 931.png
4) Arrayed the unit to get a line of six. Picture 932.png

5) Bend it like Beckham. :)

Still interested in ANS' method.
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Yeah I'm also curious xD

My guess... maybe it was some spline stuff? Like "wrapping" it around with a spline with lathe or whatever... then making it have volume then boolean or sth? xD

We need the answer :<


My gf thinks that MAYBE the OP simply made it all straight, with the indentations originally horizontal as in ordinary pistol and then twisted the whole thing, the cylinder with the horizontal indentations into the diagonal ones... BUT she later said that the ends of the indentations don't seem to confirm this theory, so again, just a guess xD
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Sorry for being late, i was out of town. And I was looking for work ;/
But anyway, i created this drum in similiar way as explained XswampyX :)


1. Create half-capsule and make additional loops inside&outside... (I stretched it a little vertically- I don't want too deep cavities in my drum...)
2. Create a plane and divide it to parts ( i made 48), check how much lines intersect through capsule sides (in my case- 7-red circles) and divide capsule sides...
3. Clone capsules evenly and cut 2 protruding ones and remove unnecessary parts, and perform booleans operations :) In my case I needed outside capsules to be extended (red arrow)- it's a LW VooDoo :) - without this LW Booleans fails in my case :(
4. Clean mesh after booleans- remove unnecesary parts, merge points, weld vertices from outside capsules loops to the nearest lying on the horizontal lines.. divide n-gons to quads&triangles...
5. Bend it :) and clean connection- make again quads like in orginal capsule (welding, merging polygons, remove unnecesary vertices...)
And you're done.Sorry for my english, maybe I don't make it clear enough....
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