Standalone logging prog


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Once we get batch capture, it would be great to have a standalone (not requiring VT2) logging program. Something like Decision Maker but not necessarily able to capture or display video. I could convince the company I work for to pay say $150 for one (although if I remember correctly AVID gave away their logging program with their suites - but look at what you were paying:)

Wish list:

1. Able to control RS232 & DV decks
2. Able to be controlled completely by the keyboard
3. Generate shot lists that can be imported into VT2 Batch Capture

I'm sure others have additional features that I have not thought of...

Graeme Stonebank


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$399 actually

Will VT2 Batch Digitize be able to import shot lists from The Executive Producer? I tried TEP last time I was looking for logging software but Speed Razor can't import ANY shot lists.

I guess I would just prefer to buy that type of software from Newtek, then I know that it will work with VT2. (even at $399)
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