SportsFX for VT[5] Instant Download Weekend!


Make Your Films Effective
So you got a VT[5] but have you bought any 3rd party products for it?

We are experimenting with a new lower cost Instant Download version of SportFX version 1.6 for VT[5] this weekend. Customers have requested a download version for quite a while so we listened to your feedback.

This is only for this weekend then the website will disappear.

If this offer is successful we will expand it to our other FX products. If not then, you know what happens.

After your buy the new 1.6 version of SportsFX you will receive an instant e-mail with download instructions. You also have the option of paying slightly more and getting a optional extra SportsFX Flashdrive version in the mail to protect your investment. Thanx in advance for supporting VT[5] 3rd party developers. We rarely have sales so if you miss out we apologize in advance. First come, first served.
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