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I am a multi-emmy winning Scientology protester (LEAH REMINI AND THE AFTERMATH). I LOVE SPEEDEDIT but it was written when RAM was expensive and is therefore very disk dependent. Today ram and Solid State drives are cheap. Since 2008 I have been storing up to 2tb of video and other anti-sci data on a spinning hard disk. This is slow, has trouble dealing with 3d animated raw targa files and is noisy. Now for less than $200 I have upgraded my powerful windows 10 desktop with a solid state drive. This chip, the size of a stick of gum, holds all those videos and delivers them INSTANTLY with no moving parts. Now there are absolutely no delays, stutters or lags when I edit video, even uncompressed 3d animated files.

The solid state drive (SSD) is installed directly on my motherboard to send information to the system at an incredibly fast rate. No matter how much raw animation I work on the drive barely uses its speed beyond 5%!

The old way constantly slowed my editing down and made my very old editing software worse. Thanks to new hardware my old editing software is better than new!

No more waiting! I wish they had this in 2008! Back then Youtube could not handle HD video or clips longer than 15 minutes! At the time I had to CHAIN 4 spinning hard disks into a team just to edit low resolution (640x480) video. If one drive accidentally lost its connection the whole team went down for hours. Sigh.

Thanks so much to my patrons for paying for this upgrade!

There are newer editors than Speededit but, c'mon it does everything I want and I know it by heart! Most edits are butt splices or dissolves anyway. I have access to all my edit decision lists (EDLs) since 2008 and, as long as a file is not missing, I can reload them now fourteen years later!


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I could have sworn I'd written a followup here, but I must have failed to post it - sorry! :(

in any case, while the standalone version of SE is no longer on sale, nor supplied by default with TriCaster, NewTek still supplies the TC-dedicated version to TC owners on demand, and maintains their copyright to the application and its name. (After all of this time, support is largely limited to legacy customers with registration issues.)

While we get that people loved SE, and it's not really very rare to find an unauthorized version of any application floating around these days (or similar cracking schemes detailed), we cannot condone approaches of this sort - hence the moderation of this thread, which started out on a more benign topic..
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