SpeedEDIT crashes during Rendering - A Possible Fix!

Todd Tuckey

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I now have Windows 10 and have been using Speed Edit 2 for over a month with no issues. I was trying to render a 3 hour high def project. It would crash at about 6 minutes into the project, where I had one video file, 4 different titles (one animated), and 2 soundtracks all at one time. Since an earlier version from months ago rendered fine and this one had only a few changes, I suspected one of the files was corrupt--even though it played fine in the project. So one by one, I made new titles for this point of the project, downloaded new tracks, converted that video file again, shut system down, etc, etc....all to no effect! Continued to crash at same point! Must have tried it 15 times. I also tried rendering to entirely different drive, and cleared cache too.

Very frustrated, I decided to work on another project...a short one of 15 minutes. I finished it up, rendered it out just fine with no issues. THEN, I returned to this longer project and simply tried rendering it again. And THIS time, it went through perfectly with no issues. I am not entirely sure what to conclude here, other than by rendering another completely different file, that operation removed something from the project or program.

ANYWAY, this may give you an option to try if you have an issue similar to mine. Hope this helps someone out there! (I L O V E my Speed Edit 2!)
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Lynn Cress
Good to hear Todd! I don't blame Win 10 per se, but that's the reason I'm holding on to Wn 7. In fact I just build a new workstation filled to the teeth with mondo GPU, SSD, Ram, you name it. And I was still scared to go Win 10.

Thanks for forging the way!

Like you I can't let go of SE. It is so awesome and fluid and I can cut so much faster. But the old girl is starting to show some wrinkles now. Don't know what I'm gonna do when I get to 4K.


I don't intend to go to Win 10 anytime soon. Last year I rebuilt my 18 year old VT workstation into a monster water-cooled workstation with separate Win 7, Win XP, and Ubuntu operating systems, my VT5 hardware and software as current at Resolve 12. Last week I had to do a project that required the VT5 and a week before that an HD project with footage that wouldn't load into Vegas or Resolve 12, but loaded nicely into SE. "If it's not broken, don't fix it" is one phrase I have a fondness for.
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