SpeedEDIT Audio Stutterwhen Scrubbing


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Hello All,
We are working with a TriCaster 455, and just reloaded the software using the legacy resource from Newtek. Everything works fine, and the system is stable. However, I've noticed an annoying audio stutter when scrubbing in SpeedEDIT. It occurs when the playhead is placed in the clip, when the clip is started, and when the clip is stopped. The behavior last less than a second, and projects render OK, but SpeedEDIT never did this before.
Any ideas? Thanks, and Happy New Year!


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Yeah, that was my thought, although I was under the impression that they were included with the reset. Where would you look? I'm a bit wary about upsetting my system with files from "outside." Thanks...


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You can go to device manager and open up "Sound, video and game controllers" and look see what chipset your audio card uses. Right click on that and select Properties. Under the Driver tab it will tell you what driver version you currently have and you can also click the Update Driver button (which supposedly downloads the correct driver from M$)

So like on my Win 7 machine it says I have Realtek High Definition Audio. Driver ver. In this case I would Google for "realtek driver windows 7" and see what that gets me. So try the same for our OS.

If your audio is onboard, not an external card. You might need to look for chipset drivers for your specific motherboard.

Outside of playing Russian roulette with the interwebs, your best bet may be to contact NT support.


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Thank you for the detailed reply. We are using a 455, and there are numerous dialog box warnings about not "freestyling" driver updates. Also, it's now a "legacy" product and somewhat of an orphan with regards to Newtek support. Thanks again for your time.
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