SpeedEDIT Add-on crashes after TriCaster Update


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We use the TriCaster 410 (PAL) for our studio productions and SpeedEDIT to edit/cut our material. Since the TriCaster update Rev 2-6-161116 (November 16, 2016) SpeedEDIT (the Add-On Version) has completely stopped working. It starts up, one can select a project but as soon as the project starts loading, SpeedEDIT crashes without warning. However, it crashes only with PAL-Projects. If one tries to create a new NTSC-Project an error warning pops up stating "SpeedEDIT.exe has stopped working". (Either way, both don't work.)

Uptil Rev 2-5-160706 (July 06, 2016) SpeedEDIT worked with no problems at all.

A Factory Reset was no help at all. As soon as the Update 2-6-161116 is reinstalled, SpeedEDIT stops working.

Is there a solution to this problem?
Is it possible to revert back to the previous Update (Rev 2-5-160706)?

We desperately need SpeedEDIT to cut and edit our videos!!!

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you!

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About three weeks ago, I had a similar crashing problem with my standalone version of Speed Edit. The problem showed up after a normal update to Windows 7. Two days ago, two more Windows 7 updates showed up and installed themselves. After that happened, everything was back to normal. The Speed Edit on my VT5 is also working properly. Based on what I experienced, my guess is that my problem was with Windows 7, not Speed Edit.


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Hi! When we load our stand-alone (Windows based) SpeedEdit version it does not crash, but it's only an unregistered test version that is running on a time limit of 2 weeks.


We are having this exact same issue with the SpeedEdit add-on. We desperately need some help.

I'm also having this problem with SpeedEdit after I applied the May 10 Tricaster 460 Standard Edition software. Talked with tech support this morning. Were you able to resolve the problem?

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