speed edit transitions not working in hd projects


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I know speed edit is not officially supported in windows 10, but it seems to be working for me with just one issue. transitions play as crossfades when used in an hd project. if I start a 1080 or 720 project this happens. if I start a 420 project, all transitions play as normal. I brought this up to tech support and they say they cannot reproduce the issue. I have three machines that I have tested this on with the same results. 1 windows 10, 1 windows 8 upgraded to win10 and one win7. I dont know how tech support is not seeing this issue. can anyone verify they are running se2 build 2.6.2 in windows 10, 7 or 8 and is able to use transitions other than fades in an hd project?

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I'm a little hazy on this because I rarely do HD projects, and may be wrong, but I don't believe SE has HD versions of the transitions. There is a setting in preferences that tells SE to use cross fades or ... (don't remember what the other option is).


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(don't remember what the other option is).
The days when I knew SpeedEDIT well are long past, but my recollection is that the other option cause the transition to be effectively 'rendered twice' for n improved result despite the low res ... a bit like doing extra AA passes in LW.


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I have been able to make use of HD wipes by using some of the digital juice collections which are just overlays that you can drop in between scenes in SpeedEdit -many of the wipes are a little too wacky to use but you will find a few gems that come in useful. You can't really buy these collections outright now, Digital Juice moved to a subscription system a year or two ago--when I have a few extra bucks I am going to join up because some of the new stuff that they have looks great to me.

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