Special Buffers in LW 2019?


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I've been trying to look for a a way to link LW 2019's Image Filters (More Windows>Effects>Processing>Add Image Filter), specifically the Corona image filter, to the surface editor in the way that's offered via the Surface Editor's Advanced tab's Special Buffers in LW2015 and earlier, but to I've had no luck.

For those that don't know, LW's Image Filter's are applied to the whole frame after it's been rendered, however, you can limit the effect of some of the Image Filters to a particular object's surface using the Special Buffers.

Since the new surface editor was introduced in LW 2018 I've not seen any special buffers listed for this purpose.

Has this feature been deprecated or is it still available but hidden somewhere?

And before anyone suggests creating a custom buffer, I've looked into that and can't see any image filter nodes in the surface editor to connect them to.

And please, no plug-in suggestions (sorry DPont).

Thanks for any help you can offer.


In the Buffer tab of the Render panel,
add a Custom buffer named "Special" (without quotes),
check "Render" in the tab for this buffer,
you should see it as new input in the root of the Surface node editor,
if you want to select a surface,
plug a <1,1,1> constant vector node in this input,
in the Image Filter plugin (native…) select the Special Buffer as Threshold.



LightWave Fan Boi
DPont, I do not know how you could possibly know that this is the correct process. I am truly dumbstruck.

You're some kind of wizard aren't you?

Thanks so much for your help, I can't even begin to explain how grateful I am.

You're the best.
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