some desktop doodles...


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I've been wanting to draw more and so recently decided keep scratch paper at my desk just for that purpose. It's worked well to keep me doodling...

That's all for now...more will come soon.


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okay, now I'm just out of control!

Thanks for the nice comments. I'm on a roll now, scanning all of the little bits of paper and napkins I have scribbled on. Here are a few more.



Graham Toms
My favorite sketch out of this nice little assortment, is the second from bottom.
That slight turn of the birds head and the elegant long neck, gives it lashings of character.


da what?
I really love these sketches, especially the first one on yellow paper. :)

Will you be making any of them in 3D?


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thanks for the kind comments!

I would like to make some them in 3d and ultimately that's my plan. My skills in that area are weak. It's been years since I've done any character modeling. Helps to have a goal I guess.
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