Softimage leaves a hard space to fill


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But LW might have a golden opportunity if they recode everything from ground up, put up some popular scripting language, make space for other renderers... (mmm, maybe we could have a 3 piece LW: modeler, layout and renderer), more open to heterogeneous environments, and a rocket to the moon included on each 8oz package.

=c) ok! just kidding, but I guess that NT must put again pedal to the metal. The new dev team was fine in showing how active they are making changes, but those quick wins stopped coming, almost to a stop. I am a fan from LW since Amiga times and had always bought licenses for every version there was, but I do not want to see this product disappear like Amiga did.

Please do not use this thread to say negative things, my intention is not to start a useless discussion, but a creative one, as well as to listen to your opinion on recent changes on the 3D market (you know everything changes, but nothing changes).


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I'm still wondering about the free shirt, did I really hear that?

I was looking for modeling tools, Is this the right page,

oh how stupid of me. :help:


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If your mom is stupid and your dad is stupid, does that mean you actually carry a stupid gene, or does it mean you'll be twice as stupid, or does it negate each other, like those stupid math riddles.

I usually wonder these stupid things when it get's late.
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