So. California Specialist on Tricaster, VT[5], and SpeedEDIT.


NewTek Specialist
If you need help shooting or editing a project, or would like training, system integration, a system designer and/or TD for your TriCaster shoot, or any other support for NewTek products, I would be happy to talk to you.
Formerly known as Don James, I have been a specialist in NewTek products for about 15 years now. Including working for NewTek, Play, their dealers, and end users. I have been a Hollywood editor for the past 5 years. I have made hundreds of actor reels and audition tapes, and recently completed work as for “Room Zero”, a HD Documentary edited completely in Speed Edit.

I often work in conjunction with a local green screen studio in Studio City with very affordable shooting and editing rates.
I’m available at your location for the same, or to provide System Integration and Design, Troubleshooting, Training, etc.

Willing to discuss longer terms of employment, as well.


Adam 310-779-6230


NewTek Specialist
Oh Gosh, did I refresh this old link?

Hi, I'm Adam Lightplay. I've been a specialist in NewTek products ever since the Amiga based Video Toaster, in the early '90s.
Now I'm an expert on all models of the TriCaster , VT, and Speed Edit.
If you need to Produce, Record or Stream a live event with multiple cameras, the TriCaster is the tool, and I can help you put the whole thing together for less than you would expect.
I also do Videography, Editing, Graphic creation, Format conversion and more.

Please call and we can discuss the details. Thanks.
Adam Lightplay - 310-779-6230
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