SN not saving frames from 1 of 6 nodes


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Just setup LW11.5.1 Screamernet. I haven't set SN up for a while as I only had to do large single images & my quickest box is the W5580 & it's plenty fast enough.

SN is all working fine, except that one computer is not saving!

No firewalls.
WTM is showing the same cpu usage as other nodes.
Every computer is on the same network name.
I can open & save files or move files in every direction.
If I swap the computers around so I run SN from here instead I can save to any other computer on the network.

This is what I will do if I can't solve it but I would rather use this computer to run SN!

If you have some bleedingly obvious ideas that are starring me in the face it would be appreciated.

P.S. I never got SN to run from my W5580 but it is quite happy as a SN node to every other computer!
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Hi Jon, does the render log say anything useful. Most of the time it will tell you if the node is saving to disk:

Freeing filter buffer.
Allocating segment buffers.
Writing RGB image to D:\PROJECTS\POLEIS\renders\a_v001.__NULL__\a_v001.__NULL__.0000.exr.
Frame completed.
Last Frame Rendered: 0.
Rendering Time: 32m 37s (1957.6 seconds).
Freeing segment buffers.
Freeing frame buffers.

I'd look at it pathing of the saved image, open up the problematic box and make sure I can access that path locally from the box; then I create a text/dummy file (still from the same box) to make sure my privileges are intact.

If the path shares are good, if the dummy file can be written, then I'd look at the privilege/credentials of user that runs LWSN on that box. It may be running at a lower privilege (like a normal user) as opposed to the interactive user (assumed running admin privileges) currently logged on (eg you), which allows you to create files, but won't allow another programme to do so.


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Thank you for your reply.

I just changed SN to the other box at the moment. When I get some time I will have another go at it.

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