SkypeTX/Talkshow 4000 Hearing an incoming call?


We have a Talkshow 4000 that we use to bring in remote presenters to our live programs. When we fire up SkypeTX we have to wait and watch the screen to see when a call is coming in. Is there a way to hear when a call is coming in? I'm not seeing any obvious options for "enable ringing" or anything similar, and hooking up a 3.5mm cable from the green output on the Talkshow 4000 to speakers did not result in hearing a call. It's certainly inconvenient that we have to physically watch the SkypeTX screen to know when a call is happening as we are a small crew and usually will be working on other things pre-broadcast.


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We got the same problem with the Talkshow 100, i tried all output connections and there is no ringtone to hear. I figure out all ways and i didnt get a signal from the ringing to the systemsounds.
I heard from Newtek that it must work.
Hope there is a solution to fix tis problem, its really necessary with a small crew, same as Austen´s team. thx


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I'm pretty sure this is something that Microsoft would need to add. I wouldn't want the ringing out of the TalkShow audio output, but I too would like if the Skype TX Control application would make a sound out of the computer sound card when someone is calling.
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