Skype for Business and SkypeTX

after several quick lazy searches SkypeTX still does not work with Skype for business...
has anyone heard any other rumors otherwise?
fun response when checking with Microsoft Skype support on SkypeTX and Skype for Business:

"As per checking here on my end, since that you're concern is with your Skype TX, I hope you'll understand that you will need to contact the Skype TX partner for the controller that you have."

i undertstand that this is a bit futile effort to get a straight answer, but dissapointing never-the less... ill take a "no it will not work" over "its not our problem" anytime


NewTek SE
Skype for Business, is only 'Skype' in name. It never was a Skype product, it was first Microsoft Office Communicator, then it became Microsoft Lync, later to be renamed 'Skype for Business' and it doesn't end there, it will soon became 'Microsoft Teams'. At that point, I expect that people will stop asking because it is no longer called Skype anymore.
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