sketch of a lady

the glitch

registered failure
This is just a sketch I did at the beginning of the year, and I just wanted your comments and advice on it.
It's done only with a mechanical pencil.
I would have scanned it, but my scanner doesn't work very well at all, so I took a pic of it.

I hope to have more sketches up sometime. :)



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Graham Toms
Composition is good, nice detail on the hair. The mouth is weak structurally. You'll need to refine it. Example, more shadow on the top lip, hardly any definition on the bottom lip. Eyes are a nice design. Think about the definite angle of light and suggest that in the face somewhere, then we can break down the volumes better.

the glitch

registered failure
@Snosrap: Thank you very much!

@bluerider: I will definitely be more conscious of the lighting in my drawings.
I sorta forgot about having this posted. Maybe I'll draw a second draft of this if I have time.
Thanks for your advice, I really appreciate it.
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