Ska. Skin settings


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I remember a post back on the old LW forums about ska plug

I got this Quote "Ska SSS Settings, my object is about 2 meters wide, and I use the following SKA settings.

penetration: from 0.9 to 1.5
quality: 25%
light boost: 100%

and i use enhanced low AA"

Sorry I cant remember who the quote was from.

I tend to copy and paste useful info i find around on these forums into a text file on my desktop called lwtips.txt.


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specific settings wont help you unless your object is the same size.

Keep the quality setting very low to start off with the settings and remember to check the "2 sided/ double sided" settinf in Surface editor. You will get awesome results if you switch on raytracing shadows and reytracing transparency.

from there, just up the quality once you are happy with your settings.
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