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After working on this in spare hours for quite a few months, and with some invaluable help from folks in this forum, I've finally put my shockwave site live! Check it out, I hope you like it.

If you have any comments or advice on how to improve it I'd be really interested.



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I've never seen so much interactive features in a DCR program. It's amazing.

Looks like your DCR loaded a huge amount of images quickly.
So, does the Director support compressed image formats these days ?

I've read that the Director supports DX9 now - does that include normal & spec map support ?
If it supports n. & s. maps, do we have an LW exporter that integrates the maps ?


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thanks, Ågrén

On image formats, Director supports JPEGs and GIFs - that's what I use for the textures.

I think you are talking about DirectX 9 when you say DX9 - yes it does but I don't think it does the maps you mention - check out the product site:

Apart from adding an new physics engine and DirectX 9, they haven't added any new features to the 3D engine in the last release.
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