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Clive Edwards

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Could anyone please advise on the best workflow to get site contours in dxf format into LW and then to produce a smooth mesh representing the land. I have tried importing dxf into LW with LW directly and using LWCAD but seem to get no results.
Also does anyone use Terragen or World creator to get exact topography?
I’m new at this so please excuse naive questions


TrueArt Support
If you imported mesh that does not look too good i.e. has many triangles in weird locations, you could try to retopology mesh using splines.

To make it easier, I made special tool Trace Spline

It is part of EasySpline

You select the first point and last point, and press Trace Spline.

Tool is analyzing geometry to find the closest route between these points using mesh between them and adding the all points to newly created spline.

Then you repeat it with vertical pair of points.
etc. etc.
And after a few seconds you have spline cage ready.

Spline cage has just essential points of your original mesh.

You press EasySpline previewer, and you can immediately see them virtually patched.

Then you can use Spline Density tool to reduce number of points in spline cage.
It knows which points are connected with other splines in spline cage and leaves them alone (otherwise spline cage would be damaged).

Then you can freeze spline cage with final resolution using Freeze Spline interactive tool.
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