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I am trying to silently install the NDI 5 SDK (from this link) and it goes well until the end of the installation, when the [Run] header is processed. There are two optional postinstall actions (which open a PDF and an HTM file respectively) that are missing the skipifsilent flag in the installation script. Because these flags are missing, these actions will always occur if the installation is executed silently. The problem with this is that these [Run] actions disrupt the Group Policy software installation process (causing the installation to fail), which is the standard way we deploy software for our networks. I have tried decompiling the script and adding the flags myself, but there seem to be resources I don't have that are required for the recompilation of the installer. Does anybody know any angles I can tackle this problem from?

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I don't think it's expected that the SDK will be installed silently - although the distributables can be, with the caveat that the SDK requires you to handle the EULA requirements elsewhere in your app in that case.


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Just to close this book, it turns out I was looking in the wrong place for the solution I needed. I had my policy pointing at a non-existent package (the old one I deleted) :3
Group Policy installation does in fact suppress the post install actions, but they still execute during a manual silent installation.
Considering how easy it is to add these flags however, I still think some intern or something could build a patch and include them. Would have saved me a few hours of painful headaches as I would have moved to deploy a better behaving installer sooner, and thus discovered my actual issue with the misconfigured policy.
That is all, hope this helps someone.
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