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Hmm... team-based could be nice! I really don't know how much time I may be able to put into a project if I would do everything myself... it is a much higher chance to be able to do something truly great if I can concentrate on doing what I know I can do very well.

I'm all for teams!


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Only problem with that is if I can´t get done something in time because of everyday production job, I will only fail myself, but working into a team would be stressing as I know more people are dependant on my work...I mean, that´s what I have to do at work. I thought personal projects would relieve me from that kind of pressure!! 8/

That being said, there is much people around here I would love to work with...


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Yeah I don't know about a group competition, I mean for those who want to do that it's fine, but I would be too afraid of letting down others in the group. Full-time paid work takes precedence, and sometimes you never know how busy you are going to be.
That's why I think the teams should be of 1-4 members. So that those who want to work in a team of 1 member can do so.
I personally would probably go for the 1-member team since my free time does not depend on anyone's planning but on how many computers happen to fail that week.


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I'd be for participating in a team but I may still look to do something on my own. But if people need models built, things UV mapped or animated, I'd be willing to contribute.

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I don't have the necessary skill to get involved, but even if I had, I'd be fearful of the terms and conditions for the entries invalidating what I'd been working on, especially if it were six months worth of work.

Although I know last years requirements were pretty loose, in fact it's probably why some entries were rated lower than might have been expected, because many were obviously just established works cut down.


a new contest. Nice idea Julez. I'd be scared off this time tho!!

If Newtek is reading this then they maybe ignoring seeing that I got that awful STIGMA thread "stirring the hornet's nest" just roasting in here and Dommo I would expect big things from running off, mister. :)

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lol cheers Julez ...
well, I've just finished my first Speed Modelling challenge, about to post it now. :)
OK, last time I wanted to participate but with the short turnaround time and limited computing power it was impossible.
(At the time I had a Dell Inspiron with Dual Core 1.8ghz, 2GB Ram and an ATI X1400 video card ***see improved specs below***)
I might throw something together this time, if we're given reasonable time.
BTW If there's no response to this thread soon, maybe we should pool our money and order a pizza (while we wait)?


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I saw Big Buck Bunny as more of a tech demo, the story wasn't that awful, I quite enjoyed it.
Hey, hey, hey....let's not bash the Bunny!

Different cultures have different story telling techniques. I will admit myself that I don't really get the gist of some cultures take on the practice. The English speaking countries tend to share the same methods.

I wish more of you guys would take an interest in Greg Sullivans project. It is now hosted over at Spinquad.

It is an all Lightwave project (at least in the animation and rendering stages). And on top of participating in a project to promote Lightwave you get a chance to win a seat of LW just by giving it a shot! Let me reitterate that. YOU DON'T HAVE TO WIN TO WIN! Just by entering an entry, your name is entered in a drawing for the LW seat.

He has the story. He has put in some serious effort on the audio. They are in the animation stages rights now.
If it is going to be a full community project, I guess the first thing we'd need to determine is the scope, then the style, then the story.

What are people thinking of achieving? The scope would heavily affect the choice of style and story. Would the project attempt something small like... I don't know... a 2-character looney joke or something massive like... err... the 47 ronin.

One possible way to get that started could be if everyone posted the number of hours they think they could invest during these 8 months and their skill level in a scale from 1 to 10 (1 being the highest). Then, after 10 days, dividing the hours by the skill level of each person and adding them all up would give us an idea of the total amount of top-level hours that people plan on offering. Probably the project could really count on people investing about 1/4 of that. The resources available could determine the maximum scope.

But if there's going to be a community project instead of small team projects, even if it's something simple, it would need to start quickly because it has a lot of overhead.
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