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Hey Newtek .. Its January 2009

Now would be a GREAT time to announce a SIGGRAPH KICKASS CONTEST

with some some prizes that would make some CGTALK viewers quake in their boots. A awesome QUAD or OCTA high-*** Ghz machine with a Free Toaster Video suite , Zbrush or latest version of 3D Coat or Both!, Video CoPilot ProSCore and Visual soundfx.... BLu-Ray Burner or something like that.

Remember to break the previous rules and allow some 3rd party help/plugins and apps like Zbrush/3DCoat and After Effects/Fusion

Its January 2009 and not June 2009..give people time to work on something and oh yeah..maybe collaborations


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This is actually a good idea!

I really couldn't care less about what prizes there may be, as long as the contest is something NT will officially announce and support. Having it started now will allow alot more people to join in, maybe even full-time proffessionals will have time to do something.


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Top work that man for remembering that last year we didn't have enough time!

Well done! I'll be up for this one too! :)


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However, I think the extra time can mean a different type of competition, more representative of LW.

The fundamental difference could be as simple as an additional prize for each category LW targets- as shown on the LW homepage. (See below.)

The animation aspect is important, but not for all areas (print for example), stills could still feature in some way, even a guarantee of publishing them (such as the 9.5 broschure comp.) and of course display at Sigg09.


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Good call, the more time, the better the quality and the better LW looks.


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Let's frickin' do this thing! :)

Good idea Archjam!

Having different categories allows users in those fields to really show off LightWave.

Also, this would be a good time to re-ignite the community video, which stalled because no one could agree what format it should be!

- - -

We really need to make this happen, both the competition and the community video, so that come SIGGRAPH there is a WEALTH of cool content to really show off the power of LightWave.

Chuck, Jay is you're reading this, could really do with some NT input to get this moving!



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I really want to get this one moving, NewTek? You reading this?


(Not that you're busy or anything! ;) )


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I didn't mind the Lightwave only aspect of the last contest (or the prizes for that matter), but more time would be great. (If NewTek even wants a contest after so many negative remarks the last one generated)!


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I think those comments were due to the little time we had last SIGGRAPH, and the poor turnout as a result.

Easily avoided this year by starting early!


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I realized something important, LW started as part of the Video Toaster, which has been marketed to local network. Considering the progression of LW, it's obvious NT feels it's market it still the local networks. That's why LW is presented as it is, and if you wish to win such a contest, doing it quickly, and making something simple and goofy will always win.

Problem is, local networks won't be using this software or only in a very limited way, so until NT changes who they are marketing to and developing for (like the people that actually use their software), keep figuring on plunking out those goofy and cute characters.


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It would be a great idea to start the contest early. Eye popping visuals sell software, and PR motion blur isn't fast! :)


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Yes, a contest would be good to get some material going for Siggraph. Having almost 8 months would be enough time to get some great things accomplished.


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Maybe we can as a community just acknowledge that we should all work on something kick-*** to present to Newtek when they come calling.

I'm all for a new contest, especially one that starts early. I also think it would be a great thing to just have a big showcase of current Lightwave work, a giant compilation for tradeshows and promotion. We should start filoling up the wip and finished work galleries with our good stuff.

Ivan D. Young

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you guys are so funny! They will wait to the last second for NAB and just use the Siggraph WIP's instead, HaHa!
And then use the finished projects later.

seriously I like the sentiment, but at least get NAB first before Siggraph, unless of course; Newtek is not going to NAB?
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