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Okay I just had to be the first person to start a thread in this forum. Just wonderring how many Wavers actually use Shockwave. I personaly haven't used Director since version 6.5, would like to get back into it one of these days when I find the time and money.

Would love to see some examples of work done, is it possible to post?


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Go Shockwave!

Hey Riki,

I have been using shockwave for about 12 months now, and am pretty happy with the results. I have been using it as a product visualisation tool with pretty good results.

The main thing I have found is to create as much as possible in Director. Then you have the most control over all the various aspects.


3D Models site

Click the 3D Models link on the Left hand side of the pop up interface, then select the type of product from the tray.

I have basically made up all this as I went along, so any ideas from improvement are welcome.


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Shockwave 3d is insane!!!

I cannot believe how amazing Shockwave 3d really is. I've been using it since it's inception a few years ago and I have seen nothing like it in the industry to date. It's pretty awesome to be able to model, texture, and animate a 3D asset and then instantly import that model into a fully functional runtime environment. I also have been teaching Director at Full Sail in Orlando for about 3 years now, and the addition of 3D features has definitely breathed new life back into an old program. I have a few shockwave 3d examples you can look at here. All of which were created using the best 3D package around (LIGHTWAVE!). I'll be posting updates all the time so check back often.
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