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Is there a way to shift all keys (within a range) by a certain amount of time as you can in Lightwave? I have to insert some more narration and I need to make everthing synch. For now, I am just going to split the clip and add more to the end of the first part.


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Are you asking to be able to enter a time amount to shift? Or just be able to move them?

I can't find a way to move them 1 second and 10 frames by entering it in. But you can lasso them in the control tree, then by holding down the shift key and using the left mouse button you can drag all of the lassoed keys in time and not change their value.

Another way that might work as well is to lasso the keys (do this on only one curve at a time), then press Control-X to cut the keys. Then move the timeline head to the location you want to first key to start and press Shift-Control-V to paste. Do the same for the other curves, (the curve highlighted under the pointer is the one that will receive the keys).


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A different approach that might work: Make the relevant bit into a sub-project, add some space ahead of it on the timeline, then expand the sub-project.

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I would make a marker at the offset position (1:10 to the right of the first key), then go into spline editor, select all keyframes (Ctrl A) and then drag the first one to the offset marker.

Or copy all keys, delete them, then go to the marker and paste them.

Incidentally, if you drag a project onto an empty timeline and position it wherever you want, offset wise, it behaves as a subproject. Then you can expand it, and all of its relevent timecode references are now altered to the new timeline position. That means inpoints, outpoints, markers, keyframes, everything.
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