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I run a live overlay sometimes that is the video of a data feed that I put over a live camera.

I have my MX switcher out for repairs and am now feeding this though the toaster. But when I use a compression effect to squeeze it slightly the info starts "dancing". This only happens when I patch through the toaster and not when I patch through the MX.

I'm racking my brain trying to figure it out. If it was a resolution thing, then wouldn't they dance when I use the MX also. Or is it something about using a software switcher compared to a hardware one?

I'm looking a work-arounds, but I don't think I can get by without using a compression effect, for space reasons.


Can you give us more info when you refer the information is "dancing" Maybe a screen-grab or something...


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Fielding a guess.....

It sounds like the compression effect you're choosing is freezing the incoming video, and the resulting interlaced freeze is showing the effects of field motion.

Without more info, this is my guess...


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More info

I'm using the compression from the DVE folder.

It does seem to look like an interlace thing, would those DVE's do that? And it does happen with any source I compress, like graphics pages from the DDR's etc. And it happens very slightly, almost not noticable with the live cameras.

And if those DVE's do do that, where can I find some that don't? Maybe I could make them in Aura or LW...........

Thanks for any help...........

If I knew how to post a screenshot I would.

You could check out my webcast if you want to see what I'm talking about, though the problem doesn't show up on the web feed, only the video one. It starts at 7PM to 12AM Tue-Sat nights.

The problem occurs between games when I compress the live odds and bring up a crawl at the bottom of the page.
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