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More of a director/3d model issue but, dont suppose you know the best way to setup shaders from lightwave to director so you can change colour (paintwork)?

Below is the code im using but it just 'paints' the models in a pastel type colour instead of the solid colour. What figures????

-- assign shaders to each model
on mouseup
sprite(mySprite).member.model[1].shaderList[1] = redShader

--define the shader
redShader = sprite(me.spriteNum).member.newShader("Red Shader",#standard)
redShader.ambient = rgb("FF0000")
redShader.texture = VOID


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hi Otterman, that sounds like a lighting issue - check the lights in your scene and also the emissive value of your model, which kind of sets the brightness of your model


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What colour does the model have in its diffuse? white i presume? Because white surface and red ambient = pink

Use diffuse instead of ambient to paint the model in a different colour.
redShader.diffuse = rgb(255,0,0)

I recommend you get the 3DPI plugin for Director so you can inspect the settings you are testing out, and try new ones, without scripting it all.


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Well done petterms you've past the test, your prize is on its way. The 'what you using ambient for, its diffuse dummy' suggestion, works a treat!

Tell you the truth, I posted this elsewhere in this forum and it came up trumps a while ago. I always like to post the answer to my original question just incase there are other idots like myself out know who you are!

By the way this shockwave section looks a little lonely.
Thanks for both your input, much appreciated.


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YEah the shockwave section does seem a bit lonely. I suppose most people have gotten as far as they can with shockwave, I know I have, still working on morphs but will be here soon :D
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