Setting surface colour/sidedness


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I'm currently writing an importer and trying to change the surface colour from the default surface values, i.e. 200, 200, 200 and single sided. I've managed to create a new surface with surff->create(objectname, materialname) and it is present when looking in the surface editor.

The setFlt and setInt are in the lwsurf.h file.

double *dval;
dval = new double[3];
dval[0] = 255 / 255;
dval[1] = 250 / 255;
dval[2] = 250 / 255;
surff->setFlt(surfid, SURF_COLR, dval);

I've also tried to set the sidedness of the surface with

surff->setInt(surfid, SURF_SIDE, sided);

where sided is an int value 1;

Anyone ever used these functions and got them to work.




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In case anyone needs to know how to set the colour, I finally managed to find out how make it work.

I set the variable to get the surface id to

LWSurfaceID *surfid;

I retrieved the surfid using

surfid = surff->byName(surfacename, objname);

and changed

surff->setFlt(surfid, SURF_COLR, dval); to

surff->setFlt(surfid[0], SURF_COLR, dval);

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