Setting of (LW-native) nodal parameters via SDK (C/C++ ideally, but Python if not C)?


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We're moving more and more towards "nodal everything" in LW. That said, while I understand how to programmatically create node flows (more or less) dynamically, and know methods to programmatically set parameters in nodes you've created from scratch, I'm still not quite understanding how to set the parameters of arbitrary LW-native/third-party nodes programmatically (as nodes, esp. some of the newer ones) after dynamic instantiation.

Is it doable, and if so, can someone give a pointer to the interface mechanism we're supposed to use to do so? If there's something like introspection or a defined naming format for accessing vparms within arbitrary nodal instances, I'm not seeing it, and without that, I'm not seeing any way to do so (at least in a supported manner -- I can think of a few "fragile" means to do so, but need a "durable" mechanism).


(edit) I can see how it might be doable via channels (presuming all params exist as channels, which doesn't appear to be the case), but that approach still has the problem of how to obtain channel/group IDs for a specific node instance dynamically, as well as determine which channels/channel groups represent what in the node instance.
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