September LWUG Meeting ONLINE Today, Sat 28 at Noon Pacific Time


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Watch Online this afternoon, Saturday September 28th at Noon Pacific time as we have artists show you new and interesting things about Lightwave 3D! The meeting will run until 3pm PDT.

Our guests will be Ken Nign and Andrew Comb.

Ken will talk on his new addition to Lightwave 3D, the professional color picker previously known as Jovian.

Andrew will speak on his amazing Pluto Station ( and give us info on a new set of nodes and plugins for rendering.

This meeting is virtual, free and ONLINE!

Login at Log in as "guest", then use your full name so that we can identify you.

We will open the meeting approximately 15 minutes before the hour. Get there early to get a good seat!

If you cannot make it to our meeting, please stop by our new website is There you will find a replay of our presenters' talks, as well as more information on this and previous meetings.

Please remember to register for this and future events at

We look forward to seeing you there!
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Great meeting. Both great presentations so far, and this is one that will be worth rewatching just for the amount of information and advice shared throughout. :thumbsup:

I was inspired by Ken to compile some old 8-bit colour palettes into a jovian library, so while this may or may-not be the place to put it, attached is a library of screen colours from 5 different machines that can be used in those retro projects... (I'm currently working on an 8-bit project in LW right now).

If anybody has somewhere better to upload these to, please do...

As per some of the online forum examples shown earlier in the meeting, just rename this text file from .txt to .lcl and enjoy at how bad some of those 80's representations of colors were... :D


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It was a great meeting indeed. Thank you for organizing it and to the panel for their presentations. Some funny stuff from the attendees too in the chat. Thanks again.

Ryan Roye

Great meeting. Though I haven't completely moved to 11.6 yet, it is nice to get some additional and detailed info on the color picker... and I'm going to have to re-watch Tobian's presentation as there is a lot to absorb... granted, I didn't even know what "fresnel" was before he mentioned it.


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Well now you do! :)

That was a lot of fun, but I got a bit nervous and forgot what I was taking about a few times :) I should do some more vids explaining it all, as well as material presets. I'll upload that sample model, so you guys can pick apart the surfaces, when I get the chance.


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It was great and very interesting, Tobian. And don't you worry about the little hiccup at all, any moderately sensitive human can understand how difficult talking to a group is if you are not quite experienced (and even so). If anything we would empathize with you. It was a very good presentation with lots to think and digest for everyone. Thank you!


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Thanks Allabulle, I hope despite my huccup, everyone enjoyed the presentation and took away some info from it :)


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So... the videos are only available through Abobe Connect?

Video availability will have an added venue in the near future. Watch this space.

Thanks again for Ken Nign and Andrew Comb for there great talks! It was great, guys.
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