Selling LW 2019 and plugins


Hi folks.

Since I have stopped using LW I’m selling my current license and a bunch of plugins as well.

Lightwave 2019 license (with all prior version from v9 available on the account). USB dongle for earlier versions will be sent to you.
$600 (including the 100$ transfer fee)

3rd Powers MetaMesh (40 USD)
exrTrader 2018 (35 USD)
LWCAD 2018 (250 USD)
OD Tools 2018 (90 USD) (can be upgraded to 2019 release for 65 USD)
Syflex (100 USD)
Turbulence FD (250 USD)
UberCam 2.6 (can be upgraded to 3.0) (30 USD)

I do also have OctaneRender LW plugin and a OctaneRender license. I don’t know if that’s transferreable but if there’s an interest in it, let me know and I’ll contact OTOY and ask about it.
OctaneRender LW Plugin
OctaneRender Standalone v4

I was going through my plugins and found I also had HD Instance 2.0 - I guess that’s totally irrelevant now? And I also have VertiBevel 2.0 locked to my dongle ID. Let me know if you have an interest in those. Not even going to mention the Steve Worley plugins I have... :D
Unfortunately it is not possible to resell Octanerender licenses. Was just confirmed by OTOY. Oh well..

Here's the info from OTOY:

Thank you for reaching out and double checking. Unfortunately, the resale of accounts and/or licenses is a violation of our EULA so it would not be possible.

Please note that if we detect account behavior that indicates the potential transfer of your account and/or licenses to a 3rd-party, we may decide to permanently terminate the OTOY account and all its related licenses and content, as stipulated in our EULA (Section 2.5).

well, OTOY is partly owned by AutoDesk, so almost goes without saying.

i wasn't too pleased when i found out.  

Not doing much 3D anymore and I just dabble a bit. Since NewTek changed their upgrade policy where there's a new release each year, it was too much for me to shell out for, when I don't use it professionally anymore. So I downloaded Blender 2.8 to satisfy myself, when once in a while I want to play around a bit. That's basically it. :)

Seems it's not easy to get plugin licenses transferred. Mike said it wasn't possible to do with exrTrader. Sorry about that.
I've decided to bundle LW 2019 + LWCAD 2018 for 700 USD (including the transfer fee for Lightwave) if anyone is interested. I wrote to Victor and he said I could sell LWCAD together with my LW license but not separately. You're also welcome to write to me with an offer as well.

And a late happy new year to you all!
I've decided to keep my LW license since I'm loosing too much value if I do (plugins and so forth).
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