Selecting camera from ScreamerNet


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I have a scene with 4 cameras.

I want to render frame 1 to 400 from camera 1,
from frame 350 to 600 from camera 2,
from fame 550 to 800 from camera 3 and
frame 750 to 1100 from camera 4.

(I want some overlap to edit with)

Now I have to save the scene into four different files with each camera being the active one, and different output files spesified.
(mySceneCamA.tga; mySceneCamB.tga; mySceneCamC.tga and mySceneCamD.tga)

This gets messy and arkward if I need to change something, and thus need to save out four files again.

It would be better to tell Scremernet to use "MyScene.lws" and render from frame X to frame Y using "camera 2" and save the files as "MySceneCamBxxxx.tga" for example.

Then you would only need to have one scene file to keep track of, and could make a batch list that would render each camera angle form the same file. If you used the same file name for all cameras you would get a finished edited sequence.

As far as I can see this is not currently possible with ScreamerNet, but shoud be simple to implement?

But I could be wrong??



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At the moment you can't switch cameras automatically for rendering in either Layout or Screamernet.

I think there's a plugin that might do it though (or save scene copies out with different cameras / frames to render etc.)

Be nice to have this built in though! Come on NewTek!
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