Seeking LightWave users to design sports related backgrounds


New member is pleased to announce that we are seeking a number of creative individuals to design a new series of digital backgrounds for the sports photography industry. is one of the leading template design companies in the United States. We are a four year old company that specializes in using Photoshop CS6 to design various photo-related products for use by sports photographers in their daily businesses. Our products are used in youth, high school, college and semi-pro sports photography and we are looking to push the envelop of creative design in sports photo products by using LightWave in new product development.

We are specifically looking to develop a new line of creative, photo-realistic backgrounds designed by LightWave users.

We're looking for LightWave users who would like to develop sports related backgrounds in their spare time as freelancer affiliate designers and allow us to host them on our site and offer them for sale. We currently have a roster of over 500 photographers who use our products, primarily in the U.S. but we have recently begun to sell templates to areas outside of the U.S. and this is a path we want to explore further with interested LightWave users.

Depending on the products our templates retail from $15.00 up to $69.00 per template file and the more creative files sell many times over the course of a year. We'll offer you a great revenue sharing plan, showcase your designs and pay out through PayPal every two weeks. Every time a design of your sells you'll receive an e-mail notice of sale.

Right now we are looking to develop a series of sports facility designs (fantasy stadium views, stadium fields and photo-realistic crowd backgrounds) for all sports such as baseball, basketball, lacrosse and others to Aussie Rules Football and everything in between.

We have a template development document that describes the basic technical specifics of our designs and how the designs are used that will help you in your design process and we will send to you after you have been approved as an affiliate designer for SportsZoneTemplates.

If any of you are interested please send me a PM and I'll respond quickly. You can also send me an e-mail directly to: bqwhitten (at) gmail (dot) com.

B.Q. Whitten
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