Seeing points instead of geometry in reference layer


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Hello there,
I just started learning LW (9.6 64bit in my case) and when I attempt to put one layer on a referenced mode (black) and the other active I see the referenced one as objects comprised only of dots. also, on the perspective viewport (and possibly every port viewing texture only - I don't see the reference at all.

not certain it's related to this problem but my other prob is that when I try choosing a polygon all I see is a yellow line coming from it's center instead of it's outline.

Please help. thanks in advance.

I'm trying to attach some screenshots

my teacher asked me to specify my vid card so here is it
Nvidia Geforce GTX 260 (gigabyte) on a 64 bit windows 7 system
and I just installed the newest possible update but to no avail.


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The reference you are talking about is in considered to be in the background. So if you are in a shaded solid mode it will take priority over what you see in the background.
Also, in the presented example the "reference" is actually inside the larger object completely. So you wouldn't see that either.

As for seeing the normals but not the outline...hmmmm...check your display options? to see if something was unchecked? Or perhaps it is some sort of OpenGL error having to do with your video card and compatability with LW.

Hope this helps.


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u have point mode so points are selected
u have poly mode so polys are seletected
and u have edge mode were the edges are selected

the screen grab u have is poly mode and the polys are selected, u have 4 polys selected in texture wire shade.

the w key brings up the statistics window, and the space bar selects the mode, so u can between the modes...

everything looks fine from here ....
I know you said you used the latest update. Maybe that could be an issue? Maybe try rolling back to an older version of the driver and see if the issue goes away?
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