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I have a friend who has written a TV series call, 'Sedition'.
After seeing bits and pieces I offered to help the project by designing elements for the submission / pilot.

The main antagonist is an alien race called the Alrain. They live on the dark edge of a tidally locked planet.
The brief was that they are similar enough for humans to relate to. The Alrian are a war like race that are marked with tribal paint and possess high-end tech.

I thought it would be cool to make a helmet with a large visor for combat field of vision - clear in low light conditions and photochromic darkening for bright conditions to protect their eyes. This also will allow the camera to see the actors performance. Everything is held together using N52 magnets.
Cool air is pumped into the back of the helmet and directed through an embedded vent that blows down the face shield to prevent fogging.
The valves in the visor have tricuspid structures like our heart.

This is the alien 3D model and a helmet that I designed yesterday. Between jobs, the next step is to design their battle armour and then weapons.

I will share this with you at each stage as these are modelled in LW 2020 and fit our forum.

Best regards Lightwavers, Jet


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Cool to see the concept stages of the helmet.

The Alien character reminds me very much of the Aliens in the movie battleship though, but that´s ok.
I guess you may need to watch out for not setting the same style of the helmet as to that of those aliens in battleship.

So when are you making protective masks/helmet to fight covid 19? :)

I love helmets by the way, though perhaps more fantasy and middle age than the modern scifi-stuff, more like the maximus helmet in Gladiator
(I saw a replica of the maximus helmet here in Sweden at a sci-fi nerd convent, and it looked really good in all that polished metal, almost had the urge to buy it)
, or kurgans in highlander:)
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Very nice work! I hope the project gets off the ground... it would be nice to see your work from design to use during the process.


... This is the alien 3D model and a helmet that I designed yesterday....

I'd love to see how you model in real-time.... probably looks like time-lapse!

Texturing in Substance?

Cool design and love the explanation in the how and why. Makes everything plausible.


Very cool Jet3D! Always cool to see the naissance of a project. You are very talented! Did you use Zbrush for the alien head?
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