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That time came to upgrade the workstation where I had SE2 installed. A new motherboard, NVMe drive and Windows 11 later, even though I could get the registration key from the NewTek registration server, it wasn't valid anymore due to the upgrades. The 800 number from the registration server now goes to a voicemail asking for a 10 digit subscription support account number. Sbowie had the answer here in the forum - - Less than an hour after putting in a request I received my updated registration key.

Thanks Steve!

I'd had an issue with SpeedEdit 2 de-authenticating under Windows 10 in the past, and it's also happening under Windows 11. After a major Windows update, SpeedEdit changes its product ID, and the registration code is no longer valid. I presume that the registration code is a base ID being salted with a serial number or registry value from the OS that used to be more constant under Windows 7 and earlier, but changes more frequently with updates under Windows 10 and newer.

Looks like it's time for another request to the good folks at tech support to re-authenticate. It's a pain, but less of a pain than giving up on SpeedEdit and getting used to the constraints of another editor. The combined storyboard/timeline setup in SpeedEdit is just so fast and flexible.

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I had my response from NewTek with the updated code in less than an hour - on a Saturday morning, and SpeedEdit 2 is back up and running.
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It happens whenever you upgrade to a new operating system. Some Windows 10 and Windows 11 major updates actually install an entirely new operating system image instead of just patching the existing one. Those are the ones that deactivate at least some NewTek products. It's avoidable - Windows has an API that returns a stable value across these upgrades. But I doubt SpeedEDIT will be patched to use it.
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