SDK with CMake and MSYS2 (GCC) windows?


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is it possible to use the Lw SDK with gcc on windows?
i am tyring to compile the samples it builds fine but the plugin doesnt work. I'm using CMake.


There are several examples for different compiler/platform in the LW SDK compile.htm,
one with gcc but for 32bit plugins only, LW 2018+ is 64bit only.



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1) compile to 64 bit if it has to run on LW 2018+ as Denis pointed out. LW <=2015.3 has 32 bit version.

2) compile to dynamic library!

3) export server description (check source\serv.def file). It might have different number of underscores depending on compiler though.

4) compile in such a way that none external dynamic library will be needed (e.g. in MS Visual default is Runtime Library > Multi-threaded DLL.. so if somebody has no the right library at search path, won't run executable made with this option turned on).
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