SDK Compatibility for box1.c


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Hi there,

I'd like to run the box1 sample plugin provided
with SDK8 on Lightwave 6 Build 397 and Modeler Build 366.
As far as I understand the compatibility-page this
should work.

After renaming the box1.dll into box1.p and adding
it in the Modeler through "Preferences/Add Plug-Ins..."
I get a message:

"-1 server(s) found in plug-in file box1.p"

Building the plugin works fine. I tried both Debug and
Release also with server.lib. Doesn't make a difference.
I'm using VisualStudio C++ 2003.

Is it because of the different versions of LW6 and SDK8
or should I revise the Compiler settings carefully?

Thanks for any hints!



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Eh...and what's your problem now? It builds and installs, so does it give an error when executing or what? :confused:

The only thing i see that could prevent this one from running is the line
"if ( version != LWMODCOMMAND_VERSION )"
Though generally, plugins compiled with the 8.x SDK will not work with earlier versions due to increased global versions in the headers (apart from the fact that there are new classes, new struct members etc)

Btw what LW version is that supposed to be?
AFAIK the Layout numbers are: 6.0=429, 6.0b=446 6.5=484 and 6.5b=508.
Don't know about the Modeler numbers, but Layout build 397 can at best be a 6.x beta...


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Version too old?

The error message comes up promptly after adding the plugin.
Other (working) plugins add several servers according to that
message-box. What represents the server in the source?
Are these classes like i.e. MeshEditTool?

I've already removed the line "if (version!=...".
I have the 6.5b SDK too. Could this work with my 6.0 Beta?
Is there a SDK for v6.0 around?

I'm afraid I need an upgrade to 8.x... :grumpy:
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