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Sean Martin

Sean Martin
Been trying to set up screamernet on my work's network. using this tutorial.

and I'm getting an error in the terminal window, 'can't access scene file' from one of my remote nodes.
I'm also using DLI_SNUB-Launcher 1.8 utility. The LWSn window says it rendering, but only frames are rendering from my 1st host node!

Driving me mad! can anybody help.


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Can the nodes access the scene file and have read/write rights? I don't know how this works on mac with the DLI_SNUB-Launcher 1.8 utility but normally on a pc there are some temp files created (.job) Maybe the nodes can't find these files because the host is writing them to a place where the nodes are not allowed to look in?


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Have you the full version of DLI_SNUB? Otherwise i think you can only run two nodes. Its easier to set up your directory structure in DLI_SNUB, then copy the text that DLI_SNUB displays and use terminal to trigger the nodes. I got it working here on my Mac network, but it is a bit of a pain to get it set up initially, alot of trial and error. Sorry i cant help you much more than that, its a while since i last rendered anything and ive forgotten most of it, but using terminal instead of DLI_SNUB was the key for me.


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I can't really help as I use PC for SN. You said that you can't access scene file from "one" of the remote nodes. Does that mean the other remote nodes work? Can you read & write to this location?

I did set up SN using TextEdit on my Mac to test it out. I just made copies of the LWSN file after getting the path right & changed the node numbers. But don't have any remote Mac nodes to test.


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I really need to update that guide. Screamernet is an ever-living nightmare to get working. One thing I *highly* recommend is getting a third-party Screamernet Controller. Unfortunately, on Mac there's really only one option AFAIK - - and it ain't cheap :(
HOWEVER - it is worth it. I struggled to get LW11 working with SN until I used J David Baker's controller software.
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