ScreamerNET usind PC and os/10 ??????


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I am setting up a PC render farm consisting of 5 nodes. Using the first node as there controller. The controller has lightwave 8 on it and the other cpu's don't have lightwave on them at all. I setup ScreamerNET on the controller and the other nodes. ScreamerNET recognizes all the nodes and is ready to render....... problem........

All of our production has been done on os/10. So when I load an os/10 created scene file on to the PC render farm, it acts like it loads and renders fine. But the renders are blank frames.
I fiqure that I am having a problem with the file structure contained within the scene file.

I created a random scene in os/10 for a test, then opened the .lws with text editor and fixed the LoadObjectLayer and the SaveRGB from os/10 path to a PC path.........It worked
But when I loaded one of our complex scenes with several objects, and processes in it and changed the paths as I did still rendered black frames....


if anyone has found a way to counter this problem or knows of another netrenderer that would correct this, please let me know

Thank You All
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