screamernet on two pc's?


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I am working with 2 pc systems and windows xp. I wouold like to set up screamernet on them to work with eachother. can this be done using the two systems connected with ethernet cable? they would be directly connected together without any other networking.


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yes. you would set it up as any screamer-net setup.

You just need to share the lightwave directories so that the other computer finds them.

You should be able to use the standard windows workgroup.


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I've never tried to connect 2 pc's together over a single ethernet cable so, I can't say that it would work for certain (I don't know why it wouldn't) but if it is going to work, you will need a crossover cable. A standard ethernet cable will not work. You can see info on the cable wiring here
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Yes it would work if you use the cross over cable or by purchasing a switch. I have actually setup screamernet both ways. All that you will need to do is make sure that they can see each other as well as be able to write files to one another.
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