Screamernet DOS window closes immedieatly - this I remember


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Trying to set up SN on one machine just for sequential rendering, not so much luck...

The SN dos window closes immediately-- I remember this is a common symptom, but don't remember what it indicates. Can someone prod my memory?

That's not a DOS window. You mean the command prompt which looks like a DOS style window.
You've probably made ​​a mistake in the settings/configuration. Are you using the native screamernet app?
Using a controller would be a million times easier. If you are just running one node you can use most paid apps for free.


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Close enough to DOS for me.
Obviously I made a mistake, and I remember this behaviour from years past, just can't remember what causes it.


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If you launch a command line executable by double clicking it in an windows explorer window, run it from the "run" command or via a short cut; the command prompt window will close after the executable has finished executing.

If you launch it by opening a cmd prompt and typing the executable name then the cmd prompt window will stay open even when the executable is no longer running.

So the closing of the cmd prompt window will simply be because screemer net has actually exited.

I assume you are passing it a wrong command like argument or something and it's running and exiting rather than running and waiting to be issued something to do; but I don't really know anything specifically about screemer so I won't be much help solving that :(


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Getting batch files to stay put while you read error messages...


What I like to do in batch files ("sn_init.bat" or whatever you wanna call it) during the testing/error checking phase is put the command

timeout /T 30

so it will give me time to troubleshoot the error messages. Was just doing this last night while learning ScreamerNet for the first time. Got the host laptop running perfectly as a node1 but I'm having a wee issue with a remote node (just doing 1 remote node). Solved 1 error already with the

Error: Can't open message table

error message. Turns out I needed to put the "*.ENU" files in the lwsn.exe directory. The post below helped me a lot with that one, even though I'm using Win8.0 on the host and W7 Home on the remote here.

Can't figure it out: LWSN on Win XP 32

More troubleshooting will be done later, when I can use "GCC's" (Girlfriend Cpu Cycles). For some odd reason she doesn't like it when I max out her CPU while she's playing Pogo. Women. Go figure. :)


PS> Just having some fun on my week off.
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