ScreamerNet and Split Render help!


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I've posted a thread in the LW-PC help section.

I'm looking to generate print renders with split render running over screamernet.
Then to add G5's and Intel CPU's to my AMD farm

Any help/suggestions welcomed!!!



My first bit of advice is to avoid doing this. I've only ever had trouble with it: a node failing here or there leaves me with a 3/4 or 1/2 of an image in the morning instead of the whole image. Also, while it saves some time, it doesn't save as much as I first thought. Splitting an image in half doesn't always mean that it will render in half the time... after getting advice from others in the field, I settled on FPrime as a solution, and the new version allows quite large print resolutions and it moves rather quickly. Our company also invested in a dedicated render machine, which has LW and FPrime loaded onto it, which can refine print renders 24/7.

That said, I use Renderfarm Commander to set up screamernet renders for animation, it is a Mac program that allows linking PC boxes into the chain. It also supports split rendering of single images. I've never used a PC with it, but it is something you can look into.



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great advice

Thanks for the reply
I think you convinced me to purchase Fprime... a bit expensive I think but I guess it's worth it...
I've spent way too much time tweaking screamernet and split render

Last night the described situation took place. Made a split of 25 diff. sections and started the render over 4 AMD processors.
In the morning I saw that 1 of the processors froze at some point, causing the whole setup to freeze.... what a waste of time

I've lost so much faith/hope in Newtek's future... yes I GUESS I'll still use it... but what a PIA to setup/use for something 'simple'

Maybe 9.0 will fix, I don't know...
In any case, Worley Labs seems to know where all the LW problems are and has made some great solutions.
For Fprime and G2 = 800.00 dollars!
Seems crazy huh???



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To add to the previous response, Fprime is a good solution as well. I use it, it helps to not only speed up the render time, but the overall creation process as it updates as you work. Lighting and placement and such. For 1 frame renders for print, using a renderfarm managment program called MULE has been extremely useful. It runs on the existing Screamernet Render Engine so render settings are native to Lightwave. The difference is that MULE makes setup painless. 10 minutes and your done. This will allow you to split one frame over many nodes. If one node fails you can just re-que the 1 portion of the split rather than the whole frame. The control is great. You might want to check into it. They give you 30 Day Full Trial.

MULE Network Renderer
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