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I am looking to scale a bone in the z-axis and not have the child bone scale too. The bones are part of a chain which is translated on a path via spline control.

Is there a way to stop the child from scaling? I tried setting the bones scale Z position controller limits on the z-axis to min/max 1 , 1 without luck. It still inherits the scale of the parent.


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In Layout, select the character then turn Bones OFF in the SetUp Tab. Find your bone while in the Bone Selection Tab (bottom of UI) and open the Bones Tab. Use the Rest Length box or arrows to set desired size. Set Rest Length & position & rotation if you changed those. Turn Bones ON & check. If you've distortion try selecting the bone & hit r; sometimes it takes a second resting for some reason.


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If you have DPKit for the version of LW you're using, you could use a Nodal Motion node graph to invert the Z scale of a particular bone in the chain, e.g. the first Bone.000. Here's the setup for LW2015:


The DPKit Bone Info node retrieves the Scaling information for Bone.000 of the chain object, uses the Vector2Scalar and Scalar Divide nodes to invert the Z scale of the Bone.000 bone, and then applies that to the other bones you don't want scaled the same as Bone.000. If you want this applied differently down the spline chain, you'd edit the Nodal Motion graph and choose the appropriate parent / other bone for the Bone Info node.

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If you set up the given node graph on just one spline node (e.g. Bone.001 inverting the Z-scale of Bone.000), all subsequent nodes don't need the node graph applied, since they'll inherit the inverted Z scale from their parent (Bone.001 in this example).

A quick LW2015 sample scene attached, but remember it depends on the DPKit nodes already being added to Layout. DPKit is available here:

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At what point did it not work for you chunderburger , or could you tell? What I described is pretty much the standard process, but it can get easy to get confused with LW's bone tools.

Here are some frame grabs of a Skunk figure that I had to add the Jaw Bone. As you can see in the Scene Editor All Bones are OFF and what all is parented to the Head Bone. I scaled the Head bone 3X so you can see ONLY it is getting scaled.

Skunk Head Bone.jpg Skunk Head Bone 3X.jpg

Now, if you Rest just the Head at this stage, you get what I have dubbed "Picassoing".

Head Bone ONLY rested .jpg

You can turn ALL bones back on & it should all straighten out. If not, simply hit "r" to rest everything.

All Bones ON Head Rested.jpg Head +Jaw Animated.jpg

Oh, and if MonroePoteet replies & sends you an attachement, archive that for future ref. He's help me out an any number of occasions.

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