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Hi all,
I am still a very new user to the 3D Arsenal and have a deadline coming up on a reception video that I am doing for my neice.
I have an effect I want to generate, that has a bed of photos laying out on a single plane. I want to have a ripple go thru the 'bed' causing them to raise and then settle back into their original position. I know I can muscle my way thru the process by working each individual photo, but am wondering if there is the ability to select a range of photos, which I would then apply the setting to?
Does that make sense?
Thanks in advance for any thoughts. Also, thanks NewTek for the forum, I've gotten help on a few hurdles, which has helped me to get close to the finish line on this project from........ :eek:) Theres a great group of very talented people out there.

Thanks again!

Don Ballance

Director of Training
Hi Paul,
There is no 3D Arsenal template scene to do this for you so to achieve the effect you would have to do it manually in LightWave.
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