Run Skype TX on outboard machine? Kane or Steve?


I see in another thread that it is suggested to use Skype TX on another PC instead of running it within the Talkshow unit itself. Does this apply to the VS4000 as well?

I ask because I ran into a problem on a freelance shoot last Thursday with the VS4000 and using both ethernet ports on the box. This shoot was for a utility company, so their internet / IT config was massively locked down and I was only given one ethernet port to use. They would not allow me to connect anything else to their network. I ended up using one port on the Talkshow to access the web, and I'd set the other to communicate only with the Tricaster so it could get its four TS feeds over NDI. (Setting up a static IP and on the TS and TC accordingly...) What was happening was the TS was bogging down and randomly dropping connection between Skype TX and the TS (even though it was in the same box). One call = no problem. Add another caller = start to see dropped frames. Add a third caller = Skype TX would disconnect TS channels randomly. Fan on TS would spool up.

Once I disconnected the TC from the second ethernet port, everything stabilized. Multiple tests confirmed that the issue was using NDI via the second ethernet port on the TS. Unfortunately, for this shoot, they flat out refused to let me set up my own network via a switch connected to their network.

I am wondering if I'd be wise to start using a second smaller PC to handle the Skype TX duties instead of the TS whenever I am not shooting for a public utility.

It should also be noted that I've never seen this issue before. I had the system hooked up for a week prior to the show using both ethernet ports and tested the snot out of it and it worked perfectly.


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Running the Skype TX Control application a TalkShow VS100 or VS4000 system is fine. The reason for the separate PC is when you are using Skype TX on a TC1/VMC1 system. In that case, you cannot run (nor would you want to) this application on the TriCaster. You use another computer to manage the channels.

If you have a TalkShow and TriCaster TC1 you can use the same Skype TX Control application running on the TalkShow to manage the channels on the TC1/VMC1 as well.

Also make sure your TalkShow system is up to date, a new release just came out a the beginning of February.
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