RS422 Deck Control, BC via SX-84


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Have the RS422 Deck Control and BC issues been resolved with the newer SX-84's? I know that we had CONFIRMED lack of reliablity problems with our SX-8's (never "officially" acknowledged by NewTek, btw), to the point that we abandoned attempting deck control and BC via the BOB(s). If this had been corrected via firmware, I wasn't aware of it, so we just bypassed the SX-8s' serial control connection in order to achieve solid RS-422 control.

Is Deck Control and BC is reliable and consistent enough with the newer SX-84's enough to go that route (we just got a new one in). Otherwise, I'll get another rosetta stone and as with our other two systems go straight to the deck(s) via the workstation serial port.

Just wondering.

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Wow, this is an old post but maybe you folks can shed some light on the matter for me:

Currently I’ve been using a Rosetta Stone cable to control my deck. I’ve picked up a second deck that I want to control and I thought I’d try out the SX 84 to control them both but I can’t get it working. What am I doing wrong?

I’ve tried using the Rosetta Stone cable to go from the computer to SX84 and then a 9 pin serial cable to go to a deck. I select the RS422 control in “Type” and I select “Bob RS422-1 on Com 1” under source. No go.

I’ve tried using a 9 pin serial cable to go from the Computer to the SX84 and then tried both a Rosetta Stone 232/242 cable to go to a deck and a standard 9 pin serial cable. In either case I can’t get it to control a deck through the SX84.

The manual says to simply hook up the SX-84 to the computer with a straight 9 pin serial cable but you need a Rosetta Stone like cable to go direct from the computer to a deck. My understanding was there was no 232-422 conversion in the SX-84.

I’m confused…


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I'm new wit Toaster, but if I understand well you do not need any external cable. You connect SX-8 to computer using four cables ? Right ? So you need simply connect 9pin cable from any of three RS-422 connectors on SX-8 to you deck. I'm not sure that I'm right, but you can try. I try later with my BetaSP too and write a post.
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James Moore

Blaine from Video Hardware came up the solution for me.

You need to use a straight through 9 pin serial cable from the computer to the Serial port (in addition to those other four cables) on the SX-84 and then straight through 9 pin cables to the decks.
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