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I havnt played around much with these yet, but the one time i did i found that there wasnt much diference in the varaition between levels in the z-buffer how does it determine the scale. For instance im doing a spot for Lego and things that are 3 inches away form the camera have arnt much diferent then 6 inches away, is there a way to set the max distance or should i scale everything up times 10. i've always the type to model everything to scale, but in this cas am i wrong.

also is there a way (tool u can add to the flow) to adjust the levels of the Zbuffer ? I just have the DFX+ LW oem with 1&4.


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Hi there,

Not sure if you have tried this, but play around with the Z-scale slider in the depth tool you are using (under the tool tab). Could be what you are after??


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Won't help.

Whatchya need is a little plugin made by Al Street. What it does is expand the scale of the depth buffer. It works a treat!!!!

I had the same thing happening as you, Maimo, until Al hooked me up. Dunno if he is around here or not but you might go looking at his website.


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And I don't see it on the list of offerings.
This was something that came up on the dfx group over at pigsfly.

You may want to contact him. Be polite, of course. :D
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