Rounding values in nodes. Stepped Motion


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Zardoz was trying to get an easy way to drag a null into integer amounts to then drive switches in a Node Tree. I thought this should actually be a constrain on keyframes, this way one could animate something that must respect a grid without much too much checking, but not affect the path.

I ended up with the solution posted, does the requested for the proposed puzzle, but messes the path too. But maybe it's something someone might want... and not have to key them :)

Basically each coordinate is being rounded (negatives .5 being rounded to the next greater number, so, toward 0) and there is a scalar input to set how many decimal places one wants on the Rounding, being 1.0, one decimal place; 0.0 an integer; and -1.0 a tenth place.

Thanks to Michael Wolf hint to make it simpler.


note: scene requires DP Item Motion Node. It's set to decimeters now, so 1.0 is in the Decimal Places node.



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