Round Table discussion sets


I have a client that is looking into the possibility of doing a 4 person round table discussion using live set technology.
What is available for ready made sets? The more realistic the better. A panel discussion setup might work as well.


Tim Brown

New member
Do they want to do this completely in the round? That's a tough shoot!

Part of what I'm finding with the virtual sets is it helps a lot to have some real furniture with a virtual background. I think it makes for a much more realistic look. Plus, I'm not sure how you would do a round table with a virtual table.


Exactly this comes on my plate: can you do a panel discussion (1 host, 2 guests) at a real table, with virtual elements in the set?


Yes you can. We do a weekly Dungeons and Dragons show where the table, props and game pieces are real and keyed out over a virtual set.
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