Rotate group of selected items as one?


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I'm trying to find the best approach to rotate a group of selected items as one, around a single pivot point.

More like Modeler: rotate around Mouse, or Selection etc.
I want to keep the freedom of moving/rotating each controller individually after rotating.

For now, I am rotating/moving each limb of a Genoma rig separately, but this becomes very time consuming.
If I animate a common parent I have to counter animate the items that I don't want to move, so that's not a proper solution.
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Don't you think there is a plugin for this task already?
There are so many plugins, I just don't know where to look for certain features if I need them.
But animating a group of objects should be covered by a bunch of plugins, I think.

I don't know if this could help you to animate multiple objects around one common null object and if you could use an envelope per target object to modify the impact from 0-100%. This way you could manipulate the rotation effect per object delayed or in sync.
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Thanks guys.

Good to know there is no internal LW solution. I'll have a look at those videos.

I have to admit I've been experimenting with Legato Selector. I'm using that plugin al the time anyway, with 3 characters.
When its Setup mode is turned off, the markers become controllers, according to their designated tools. But that has been implemented for single items only.

So far I found out that it needs a proxy line drawing to interactively determine the rotation angle, then execute the 2D rotation of each item on mouseup.
This solution would work well in my situation and workflow.

I don't understand why these basic type of animation tools were never built for LW by NT in all these years.

I don't understand why these basic type of animation tools were never built for LW by NT in all these years.
the split app challenge (2 different codes) + the Core mistake caused huge delays.
lots of tools/ functions are missing.
that said, few apps are perfect.



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If they had listened better to animators, LW would have been more popular with that target group.
These issues are relatively easy/inexpensive to solve and belong in our toolbox.

Anyway, I just posted an update of Legato Selector:

[EDIT] There may be issues with (Genoma) rig compatibility, especially with controllers that rotate or move in opposite directions.
Therefore I shall extend the existing Controller Properties dialog (RMB-click marker in Setup mode) to support alternative rotation setups, and try to apply this information during group rotation.

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